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The Importance Of Having A Healthy Body

· Health and Beauty

The importance of having a healthy body cannot be stressed enough. As clichéd as it is, health really is wealth; and a healthy mind and beauty comes from a healthy body. So, general well-being and beauty go hand in hand. Your skin is an indication of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions from eczema to psoriasis to acne and to aging are the indications and signs of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional needs.

How does general well-being or Health complement Beauty?

To look good, you have to have a glowing skin, shiny looking hair, strong fingernails, be confident etc. And all these come only if you have a healthy body. You are what you eat - whatever you put in will reflect in your outer appearance. So, beauty is based on having a good well-being and a good foundation of health.

Imagine a woman masking a bad skin with dollops of make-up, but the hair, posture and confidence lacking. Or, covering yourself with body sprays to substitute having a shower. Not only is this pointless, it is just horrible and short-lasting. In contrast, when someone has a healthy body, coupled with regular exercise, the radiant and youthful glow and the confidence they have is priceless.

So how do I maintain my health and in turn my beauty?

The first step to looking your best should include regular exercise, a diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and little junk food, plenty of water, and a good night’s sleep.


Indeed, creams and lotions are helpful, but the skin has to be fed from the inside for best results. Health experts say vitamins and minerals play an integral role in boosting general well-being and in giving a healthy complexion; and stress the power of nutrients and minerals to give skin a more radiant, healthy and youthful glow. When combined with a good diet, the right dietary supplements can help keep your skin looking not only healthy, but also years younger.


Let’s have a look at the minerals and vitamins that can all help improve skin health:


  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid: A powerful antioxidant, much more potent that either vitamin C or E, alpha-lipoic acid may turn out to be a super boost for aging skin. Its ability to penetrate both oil and water, affecting skin cells from both the inside and the outside of the body makes it very effective as a skin nutrient.
  • Zinc: A very skin-friendly mineral, particularly for acne sufferers. Sometimes acne itself is a symptom of a zinc deficiency.
  • Selenium: Selenium helps to protect skin from sun damage; and repair and regenerate the skin.
  • Vitamins C & E: Potent antioxidants, they help in countering the effect of sun exposure. These vitamins work by reducing the damage caused by free radicals from smoke, pollution and harmful by-product of sunlight. Vitamin E especially helps in making the skin look and feel smoother.
  • Vitamin A: Needed for the maintenance and repair of skin tissue.
  • Vitamin B Complex: The most important B vitamin for skin is biotin, a nutrient that forms the basis of skin, nail and hair cells.

So why wait any longer finding your local gym and dietary supplements? Get yourself started already on the road to a healthier and better looking you!

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